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What is it about?

The doctorate represents an outstanding scientific qualification, the support of which is one of the core tasks of the university. It not only qualifies for an academic career, but a large proportion of doctoral graduates continue their own careers in the medium to long term in non-academic areas. A supervision concept for doctoral students must take all of this into account.
In Germany, however, little is known so far about which institutional framework conditions for qualification and support or which conditions of knowledge production are particularly conducive to the emergence of outstanding scientific publications or innovations. To change this, a solid data basis is needed.
The longitudinal study Nacaps has set itself the goal of systematically collecting this data as comprehensively as possible for universities, politics, and research and can now access results from the 2019 and 2021 survey rounds. The University of Cologne has also been participating in the study since 2021 in order to offer its own doctoral students the opportunity to actively set new impulses themselves and to help shape university policy.

Join the discussion!

Join our panelists in discussing the results of the study, both nationwide and university specific, and the consequences for universities. But also how you yourself experience a doctorate at the University of Cologne, what experiences you have had and what additional support you might wish for.

We look forward to an exciting exchange with you!


  • Nacaps - Promovierende im Fokus. Anlage, Ergebnisse und Nutzen der Studie (Projektleitung Dr. Kolja Briedis, DZHW), Vorstellung und Methodik einer deutschlandweiten Studie

  • Bedeutung der Nacaps-Studie für die Universität zu Köln (Prorektor Professor Dr. Stephan Schröder), hochschulspezifische Ergebnisse und Konsequenzen für die Hochschulpolitik

  • Moderiertes Podiumsgespräch mit Prorektor Professor Dr. Stephan Schröder, Dr. Kolja Briedis (DZHW), Dr.' Sandra Barth (Universität zu Köln) und den Promovierendenvertretungen Nils Bühler und Johanna Kuske

  • Informationen über die Nacaps-Befragungsrunde 2023

Moderation: Paul Emtsev
Date: Thursday, 12 January 2023, 15:00h - 16:30h, digital event via zoom webinar
Language: panel language is German, questions in English are welcome, sign language interpretation is available

A joint event of the Prorectorate for Academic Careers & Equity and the Albertus Magnus Center (AMC).

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