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Report Summer Reception 18 June 2021


‘Take a stop and think about it’. (Participant’s voice)

The Albertus Magnus Center welcomed 20 Early Career Researchers of the University of Cologne to its AMC Summer Reception on June 18, 2021. Doctoral candidates and postdocs from all faculties came together for an interactive exchange on the topic “Unconscious Bias in Academia”.

Lina Vollmer of the Gender & Diversity Management Department at the University of Cologne, led an interactive exchange between doctoral students and postdocs from all faculties on the topic of 'Unconscious Bias in Academia'. The participants discussed why cognitive distortions of perception regularly occur also in academia, which can lead to unconscious evaluations of performance and during personnel selections. They reflected not only on their own experiences with stereotypes, but also on strategies to reduce the occurrence of unconscious bias effects in the future. At the end of the summer reception, the participants were informed about the support and counseling services offered by the University of Cologne.

It was a vibrant exchange with inspiring break-out sessions and a relaxed summer atmosphere.