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Qualification programme by other Departments within the University of Cologne

The University of Cologne offers a range of opportunities for further scientific, professional and individual training, which are available to doctoral candidates and postdocs.

Currently different types of coaching and a number of courses and training opportunities are offered by doctoral programs, graduate schools, departments and divisions of the faculties. Temporarily, you can find an overview of the main additional providers below. If you have any question about training opportunities, please feel free to contact the AMC.

Department 43 "Human Resources Development for Researchers" organizes different mentoring programs e.g. the Cornelia Harte Mentoring for women in science and the IFS - Mentoring program for International Female Scholars. Moreover they offer a program of qualifying courses for young researchers and scholars to improve their time management, leadership skills etc. Some of the courses are conducted in English.

Young scholars with obligations in teaching may find support through the Center for Academic Teaching, which offers various workshops and consulting services.

Professional courses for women (conflict management, career planning, job training, English Presentation etc.) are organized by the Female Career Program of the University of Cologne.

In collaboration with Vitae, EUniWell offers access to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF). The RDF Planner is an online competency management application specifically designed for the personal and professional development of Early Career Researchers. With this tool you can explore the different areas of expertise related to research, set personal development goals and improve your competences in each area by setting goals, carrying out activities and creating an evidence-based portfolio of your achievements.

International doctorate candidates may turn to the International Office for language classes, workshops and support.

More workshops and courses offered (in German) you find here:

In addition, registered doctoral students of the University of Cologne can participate in offers of the German Sports University Cologne and the TH Köln upon request.