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Here you can find some personal experiences and thoughts from former participants of the Cologne Glogal Study Program.

We invite you too look through all the pictures, videos and personal reports to get a better impression of our program.



Three Reasons why you should choose Cologne - by Jaquelin Alonso

Poem written by Xiaolin HU
Click on the picture to see an animated GIF Photo: Jaquelin Alonso

"It was a gorgeous experience for me to live and study in Cologne. I really appreciate it and will always regard the time spend in Cologne as one of the most unforgettable and important part of my life. I have learned a lot in Cologne. And I am definitely sure that I will come back to Cologne one day and say 'Vielen Dank'."  

-WU Manwei, Fudan University, Shanghai, China


“I am so thankful for my experience with the CGSP. Not only were my classes interesting and engaging, but my classmates and professors were wonderful. Being a part of the CGSP provided me with a community and family during my time in Cologne. The program gave me the opportunity to better experience Cologne and to visit other German and European cities. Because of the CGSP, I increased my knowledge of European and global affairs, improved my German, and made life-long friends from around the globe. “

-Carlie Vowell,University of Mississippi, USA




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  • Selfie of 15 Students having a picnic in a park. They are sitting on blankets and have some food surronding them.
    Photo:Cinthia Campos
  • Two girls on the hohenzollern bridge in cologne. On the railing of the bridge are many locks.
    Hohenzollern-Bridge Photo:Carlie Vowell
  • Six CGSP Students standing in a classroom
    Photo:Jaquelin Alonso
  • One female student and two mal students in front of the big bell in the cologne cathedral
    The bells of Cologne Cathedral Photo:Juliana Baker
  • Group of students in front of a euro sign with yellow stars in brussels.
    Photo:Juliana Baker
  • Christmas market Photo:Juliana Baker
  • Two female students in front of the cologne cathedral
    Cologne Cathedral Photo:Carlie Vowell
  • Female student on the triangle tower with view on the cologne cathedral and the hohenzollern bridge
    View from the "Kölntriangle"-Tower Photo:Carlie Vowell
  • Group picture of a german class in the class room
    German class Photo:Ge HE