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Key Action 107 - Mobility with Partner Countries

Since 2014 the new European Erasmus+ programme offers the possibility of a worldwide exchange in addition to the previous European member countries. The key action 107 aims at extending the well-known Erasmus mobility of individuals between the European programme countries to other regions across the globe (partner countries) and provides the opportunity of gaining international experience.

The Erasmus+ cooperation with non-European countries is based on the same principle as the partnerships with European countries. The cooperation is guaranteed by contracts with the non-European partner universities that have to be approved for being supported through the Key Action 107. Universities that are already members in the Erasmus+ programme can annually apply for being approved for the programme.

The mobility with partner countries outside of Europe is restricted to university members. Depending on the world region, the mobility of university students, lecturers and employees coming from partner countries to Germany (Incoming) or moving from Germany to partner countries (Outgoing) can be supported. The mobility of students is limited from 3-12 months and the mobility of lecturers or employees can be supported for a stay of at least 5 days up to a 2 months' duration.

Supported by the relevant subject coordinators from the faculties, the International Office at the University of Cologne gives advice on the different exchange possibilities and requirements based on many years of experience of international cooperation.


In 2017 the Georg-August-University Göttingen, the University of Heidelberg and the University of Cologne founded a consortium in order to apply for an ERASMUS+ measure for India. All three universities have had long-standing cooperations with high-ranking Indian partner institutions.

Through SWAGATA – Indo-German Exchange through Quality Education, Research & Networking project, we aim at contributing to the promotion of Indo-German dialogue and exchange in research and innovation between Germany and India and enhance political, cultural, educational, and economic links of Germany with India. It will enrich bilateral cooperation in education and research, thus providing important scientific and technological cooperation.


Open Calls

Kind of Scholarship: Teaching

Partner Institution: Bharati Vidyapeeth University

Location: Pune

Subject Area: Biodiversity

Duration: 12 days

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Kind of Scholarship: Teaching

Partner Institution: Bharati Vidyapeeth University

Location: Cologne

Subject Area: Theater and Performance Studies

Duration: 60 days

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