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In order to comprehend geographic content, a wide range of linguistic competences is essential. Geographic questions have to be phrased; Geo-media have to be deciphered in order to deconstruct social discourses; geographic terminology should be implemented; media should be evaluated in a reflexive and critical way and geographic argumentations should be composed.

In this research project Alexandra Budke and Miriam Kuckuck (from the seminar for Geography and its didactics) and Magdalena Michalak (German and its didactics) want to evaluate the linguistic competences of education students in the field of geography and show ways to a more professional approach in the training of future teachers. Only once the ongoing teachers themselves show competences in geographic terminology will they have the possibility to use it in their own lessons in a productive way. The training and use of geographic terminology, symbols and pictures in geo-media is the first step within the research project.

 In geography there are a multitude of media such as diagrams, tables, caricatures, texts, maps, satellite pictures, photo images and digital geographic information systems. The “translation” of virtual information into language poses a particular challenge in geographic education. Therefore the focus of this research project is on the linguistic handling of geographical media. The data of this empirical study will also be used to develop concepts on how to advance the linguistic competences of future geography teachers. The results of this research project could then directly be integrated into the education of future geography teachers within the setting of the DaZ-modules.

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Budke, Seminar für Geographie und ihre Didaktik

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Magdalena Michalak, Institut für Deutsche Sprache und Literatur II

Miriam Kuckuck, Seminar für Geographie und ihre Didaktik