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Sommersemester 2020

Diese Kurse sind im Sommersemester im Rahmen des Studium Integrale für alle Studierenden der Uni Köln belegbar. Jeder Kurs umfasst 2 Semesterwochenstunden und wird mit 3 ECTS vergütet. Die Unterrichtsprache ist Englisch. 

Post-Communism – the first decade. “Revolutions” and „Transitions” in Eastern Europe after the collapse of Communist Rule 1989-1999 (15304.0091)

Memories of Weimar. Or, European history in a nutshell (15304.0094)

Digitalisation and Sustainable Development in Europe and beyond (15304.0096)

Introduction to Public International Law and European Union Law (15304.0097)

Democracy and the European Union (15304.0099)


Wintersemester 2019/2020

Die sogenannten "core courses" und der Kurs "Intercultural Issues in Academia" des Cologne Global Study Program stehen im Wintersemester 2019/20 über das Studium Integrale für Bachelor- und Erasmus-Studierende der Universität zu Köln zur Verfügung. 


Economy and Society

Politics and Law

Culture and History

Intercultural Issues in Academia

Lecturer: Judith Berns

Course Nr: 15304.0080

Time: Tue, 16:00 - 17:30

Location:  326, 0.01

Credit Points: 3

This seminar will provide students with theoretical background as well as skills connected to intercultural issues and situations.
It is a global fact that our societies are experiencing a very dynamic process of pluralization due to internationalization. Increasing cultural diversity brings along many challenges that affects everyone at one time of another. Many of those challenges can be very benefitial but require suitable coping. 
Cultural competence is understood as the ability to act suitable and effectively in intercultural situations. This requires much more than just knowledge about intercultural theories and facts, but involves actions, attitudes and skills. Intercultural competence demands a person to go beyond simply learning and memorizing facts, it demands the motivation to incorporate a reflexive and open point of view that is reflected in the actions taken.
In order to fulfill those aspects, the structure of this seminar provide a balance between theoretical input and intercultural experiences. 
Topics covered within this seminar will be: 
-    Concept of Culture and Interculturality
-    Intercultural standards/dimensions
-    Communication theories
-    Stereotypes
-    Identity and Self-Reflection
-    Working with Critical Incidents
-    …