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Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

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Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

The Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) enables lecturers to receive feedback from their students concerning the processes of teaching and learning in their courses. As the TAP takes place midterm, it provides the opportunity to identify aspects for improvement and to initiate potential ideas for change. The TAP can therefore be considered as a qualitative supplement to the “classic” evaluation of university courses. Of course, it is optional for lecturers as well as their students to participate.

Procedure of the Teaching Analysis Poll
On the day of the TAP, lecturers will finish their lecture 30 minutes earlier than usual and hand over to a moderator of Campus in Dialogue. In what follows, the students will discuss the learning process in their course, focusing on the following questions:

  • What aspects of this course help you learn?
  • What aspects of this course impede your learning?
  • What suggestions do you have for the impedimental aspects and beyond?

Finally, the aspects that represent the majority opinion will be determined. In a separate appointment shortly after, the moderator will pass the documented results on to the lecturers.

Classic TAP or b-TAP?
Depending on the number of students in a course, we will suggest a classic TAP or a TAP for bigger courses (big TAP, abbreviated as b-TAP).

TAP details (less than 45 students)
Focusing on the three essential questions of TAP, the students will discuss aspects conducive or impedimental to learning and concrete ideas for improvement in small groups. Subsequently, the moderator will collect all answers. Terms or phrasing that is unclear will immediately be discussed. In the end, the majority opinion regarding the particular aspects will be identified. The course will be ended by our moderator on time, afterwards the documentation of the results will be compiled.

b-TAP details (more than 45 students)
Basically, the b-TAP resembles the procedure of a classic TAP. Since the review of all responses requires more time, however, the collection of all answers is carried out online. Two weeks before the actual TAP date, the moderator will visit the course and present the procedure of the b-TAP briefly. In doing so, the moderator calls attention to an online survey containing the three questions. After one week, the survey will be closed as to sort the responses and visualise them suitable for lecture halls. On the actual TAP date, the entire 30 minutes are thus used to clarify specific meanings and to discuss the responses in class. The consent for each response will be measured by the show of hands in order to document the majority opinion.


To be suited for a TAP, courses should be regular and not too „blocked“, so that the lecturers have the opportunity as well as enough time to react to the results of the TAP after receiving their feedback.