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German Preparatory Course for First Degree-Seeking Students for EU/EEA Citizens


The German course is intended for prospective students from EU/EEA countries for all degree courses (Bachelor and degree courses with state examination “Staatliche Prüfung”).

The course takes 1 or max. 2 semesters. Please keep in mind, that the admission for a degree course cannot yet be guaranteed. After reaching the necessary language level, you will have to apply for a degree course, using Klips 2.0

Exception: The procedure is also applicabel for Non-EU/EEA-citizens, who are on equal admission terms as German or EU/EEA-citizens: You are holding a German university entrance qualification (Abitur) or a EU/EEA university entrance qualification. OR: You are living in Germany and you are married to a German or EU/EEA-citizen (also applies for legal civil unions).