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Accident Insurance

Another pillar of statutory social security is “Berufsunfallversicherung” (insurance against accidents at work). Every employed person is protected by statutory accident insurance. It covers accidents that happen at the workplace or on the way to and from the workplace.

It also covers occupational illness. It does not cover private accidents. If you do not have accident insurance and have an accident, the costs of treatment will be paid by the health  insurance provider. However, after serious accidents the differences begin to emerge. Particularly if expensive rehabilitation measures are required, health insurance providers often refuse to cover the costs for these measures  at all, or are only prepared to take on a percentage of the costs. By contrast to the health insurance providers, the “Berufsgenossenschaften”, (professional or trade associations) which are the providers of statutory accident  insurance, usually pay for all the treatment and rehabilitation measures, provided that they are medically necessary. In cases of invalidity or death, the accident insurance pays an invalidity pension or dependent’s pension. Employees are entitled to statutory insurance provided by the relevant professional association; the contributions are paid by the employer in full.